Bottom Blast is a top-down, stealth based game where players need to drain their gas meter before the timer runs out. They must do so without getting caught by remaining out of sight of all other characters in the game.

A cheeky and unique mobile video game that will challenge your stealth skills and keep you giggling along the way.


Grab your bottom and blast off with BOTTOM BLAST! Available NOW at the Google Play Store!


Eat a lot of apples so you're ready to grab your bottom and blast off with BOTTOM BLAST! Available NOW at the Apple At Store!

The Rat

It's 1987 and you on your way to becoming the most notorious gangster in Miami. But be careful, there is a Rat in your gang trying to bring you down.

The Rat is a 4-6 player card game set in 1980s Miami where players are all members of cut throat crime gang. Each trying to become the most notorious gangster in the city.

However, one player is secretly a rat and working with police trying to get the whole gang busted.

  • Ready for Release

    That's it, we're done!

  • Play Testing

    Is playing the game ever really done? Not really, but changing it as a result will be

  • Design

    A lot goes into a polished super fun card game. Amazing games are no accident

  • Art

    One of the most fun parts of the early stages of development is seeing it come alive with beautiful art. Dreaming a character up one day and staring her in the face the next is really quite amazing.

Meet the Bosses

Ray Jr
RayJr is the primary game designer and avid play tester. He’s also the founder!
Nacho Corva
Nacho is responsible for all the glorious 80s art that you see in The Rat

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